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Republik-Banxa Partnership Introduces Effortless Fiat-to-Crypto Transactions for Social Media Users

RepubliK stands at the forefront of SocialFi through the RepubliK-Banxa Partnerships and Integration, introducing an in-app gateway that revolutionises how users deposit RPK Tokens, making it as easy as a single click.

Simplifying Access to $RPK with Banxa Integration
Through the integration, RepubliK will eliminate the complexity of acquiring $RPK, providing a seamless on-ramp payment solution. Users can effortlessly deposit $RPK within the Web App, enhancing experiences by integrating fiat-to-crypto transactions without ever having to leave the platform. With RepubliK, SocialFi is immediately more user-friendly and approachable for global audiences.

Beyond “Social”: Amplifying Monetisation Capabilities
Content creators on RepubliK now monetise their content and engagements directly through features such as $RPK Tipping and Pay2Chat, with more to come this year. The integration with Banxa will amplify these monetisation capabilities, ensuring that every user has the opportunity to support and invest in the journey of content creators they believe in, with the simplicity of fiat transactions.

With its recent official launch in March 2024, the RepubliK platform has been backed by an impressive lineup of investors and has forged strategic partnerships and integrations that reinforce its vision. The alliance with Banxa, alongside many others, drives RepubliK forward in building a modern economy for social interactions that is both dynamic and inclusive.

About Us

Singapore headquartered, with additional offices in Berlin and Los Angeles, RepubliK is a platform at the intersection of social media and blockchain technology, striving to redefine content creation, sharing, and monetization through the integration of AI and blockchain. The platform’s mission is to create a more equitable and engaging online environment for creators and users alike.

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