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What’s New with REPUBLIK (Jan 2023)

Dear Founding Community,

Welcome to 2023, and the start of a new era in crypto. From its origins in the singular monetary system that was bitcoin, to the Cambrian explosion of smart contracts and dapps that followed the genesis of Etherum, we now stand at the cusp of the next revolution. This revolution will happen on a thousand different fronts, through a multitude of applications and ecosystems that will have one thing in common: adding value to the lives of the average person.

The heroes that will catalyze this revolution will not be new layer one chains, financial applications or cross-chain bridges, but the platforms that are able to bridge the gap between Web 2 and 3. We are building RepubliK to be one of those bridges. It will be a platform that breaks down barriers to all sorts of interactions while allowing everyone to have a stake in the ecosystem and get rewarded fairly for their contributions.

Thank you for being with us from the start of this endeavor… It’s going to be an incredible journey.


We started 2022 with a team of 4. We’re now 35 strong. We held our first creator event in May. We closed the year with 50 events. We launched our ALPHA app in November. In the 2 months since launch, we’ve hit 70,000 users, 200,000 votes in over 100 challenges + 2,000,000 XP earned… This is only the beginning ⚡️ Watch our REPUBLIK 2022 rewind👇


In 2022 we developed and released the alpha version of our competition layer on the web at APP.REPUBLIK.GG and on the Google Play Store. In 2023, we’re rolling out a host of new features to help you create, connect, and transact.

After extensively testing our competition functionality, we’re handing over the keys to you! Challenges on REPUBLIK are a unique tool that allows you to interact with your audience in an entirely new way. When you host a challenge, anyone can join with their content, vote, and win. Try it out in 2023!

At last, a truly instant, borderless payment system with extremely low fees comes to a content platform. After our wallet integration, you’ll be able to view your RPK balance and transfer it to convert it to cash or other currencies.

For the first time ever, a content platform will reward users at every level. Whether you’re creating content or just interacting with it, on REPUBLIK you will earn XP as you go. XP is like in-game experience points, and as you collect XP on REPUBLIK you’ll level up, unlock exclusive privileges, and receive airdrop rewards.

There are incredible creators uploading the best 🔥 content just waiting for you to discover them on REPUBLIK. Head over to APP.REPUBLIK.GG or click any of the thumbnails below to dive in.


There’s always something exciting going on at REPUBLIK! Join our community events and challenges by clicking here to follow our instagram account at @republik_official, and keeping an eye out for updates.

Over the past 2 months, we’ve hosted collaborative hangouts and held interactive challenges with some of the most reputable communities in Web3 including Pudgy Penguins, ThinkingData, XT dot com, Kaiju Kingz, and more. Follow us on Twitter for updates about upcoming events.
Elevate your social game with a space that’s completely free to use and specially crafted for content creation. We’ve launched a lounge for our founding creator community in the heart of Singapore. If you’re a content creator and you’d like to book the space, let us know by replying to this email.

Linus Maloney
Operations Lead
Linus joins our team in Singapore to lead operations and keep our team lean, mean and efficient.

Mir Neamul Karim
Senior Frontend Developer
Mir joins our team in Berlin to showcase his frontend sorcery as he improves our app’s look and feel.

Ahmad Zameer
Jr. Creative
Zam joins our team in Singapore as the freshest addition to our powerhouse creative team.

Vladimir Demidov
Senior Backend Developer
Vladimir joins our team in Berlin as an experienced backend engineer with a passion for the future of Web3.

Joseph Okharedia
Senior Backend Developer
Joseph joins our team in Berlin to focus on the backend development of our application.


We’re constantly rolling out new features on REPUBLIK. Help us test our competition layer, and soon our competition builder – If you’d like to get involved or help us run challenges on REPUBLIK, just reply to this email and let us know.

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