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What’s New with REPUBLIK (July 2022)

Dear Founding Community,

It’s been a busy few months for the RepubliK team as we work up to the launch of our Beta App at the end of August. Our first release will be our competition module and social layer. This will form the foundation on which we build our ecosystem of interactive creator tools. We look forward to working with all of you to explore and refine our platform.

We have continued to hire over the last few months despite the volatile market. RepubliK has no exposure to any trading/lending/investment platforms and we view the current situation as a big opportunity to attract great talent.


We’ve partnered with top creators and curated the best challenges from across the globe, from pro-level contests across multiple verticals to fun, everyday challenges that anyone can join in – even by reusing content they have on existing platforms.

Reserve your username by clicking the button above or by visiting to sign up, create your account and sign into the web app.


With huge prizes and recognition on a global stage, these REPUBLIK-powered competitions are sure to draw a huge crowd and go down in the history books.


The REPUBLIK x Tezerean Beatboxing Battle begins in September. Led by beatboxing double world champion Dharni, this partnership will add a new level of interactivity to existing contest formats that have drawn an audience of millions from every corner of the globe.


Radikal Forze Jam, the largest street dance festival and competition in South East Asia kicks off on RepubliK with multiple heats and challenges leading up to the physical event in Vietnam. With thousands of participants and an audience of 20+ million, this collab will introduce a whole generation of up-and-coming creators to RepubliK.


Our Creator-Only Token Offering sold out in late May with participation from more than 500 Creators from all around the world with a collective reach of over 50 million.

We’ll be working with our founding creator community to launch engaging amateur and professional challenges across a huge range of interests. Get ready to join in the fun and get noticed!

With a supportive community of over 200,000 strong, we’ll live stream with Andie Chen to discuss his experience running leagues of crypto gamers and why he decided to become a part of REPUBLIK. Stay tuned for more.

REPUBLIK Hangouts are a hit! We’re actively hosting hundreds of the top creators from all over the region. However, over the past months we’ve expanded our events with active web3 communities including SGNFT and Metajam.

Jie Heng
Live Ops & Challenge Coordinator
Jie Heng joins us in Singapore to structure, test, research and deploy viral amateur and professional challenges across our platform.

Hazrul Azman
Content Producer
WIth fresh ideas and the skills to bring them to life, Hazrul joins our creative team in Singapore with over 10 years of experience producing engaging, punchy video content.

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