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What’s New with REPUBLIK (Oct 2022)

Dear Founding Community,

It’s been an incredible few months here at RepubliK. We’ve closed our seed round despite the crypto winter, released our test alpha with competition layer and hosted more than a thousand creators at our gatherings. Our team continues to grow and we have an exciting pipeline of functions in the works for the months ahead. We believe that we are at the forefront of a Web3 revolution!

We are grateful for your support on this journey to empower creators in the metaverse.


We have completed the first tranche of our seed round with fully funded commitments from our investment partners and look forward to building out the next phase of product functions and kicking off user acquisition. Their commitments and deep networks will help us supercharge the next phase of our development – we are grateful for their support.


There’s always something exciting going on at REPUBLIK! Join our community events and challenges by clicking here, following our instagram account at @republik_official, and keeping an eye out for updates.


Be sure to drop by REPUBLIK.GG to check out our sleek new look and learn how we’re decentralizing value creation and distribution, helping content creators everywhere maximize their value and supercharge their careers.


A yacht collaboration with Upclub and some of Korea’s top influencers, a weekend-long Formula 1 celebration in the middle of Marina Bay, a hip-hop party with over 300 at our office… Our creator events have introduced thousands to REPUBLIK and have reached millions.


We’ve partnered with top creators and curated the best challenges from across the globe, from pro-level competitions across multiple verticals to fun, everyday challenges that anyone can join in – even by reusing content they have on existing platforms.

Held in conjunction with Team Black Sheep – one of the most recognizable names in Drone racing and freestyle flying with a huge following – REPUBLIK will be running a series of fun, in-app amateur challenges in parallel to professional competitions anchored with a marquee physical event at the Singapore Science Centre.

Led by beatboxing double world champion Dharni and powered by REPUBLIK, this challenge will add a new level of interactivity to existing contest formats that have consistently drawn thousands of participants and an audience of millions from every corner of the world.

The largest independent street dance festival and competition in South East Asia kicks off on REPUBLIK with multiple heats and challenges leading up to the physical event in Vietnam. With thousands of attendees and an audience of millions, this collab will introduce a whole generation of up-and-coming creators to REPUBLIK.

Adam Jóźwiak
Senior Frontend Engineer
Adam joins our tech team in Berlin to elevate our platform’s frontend architecture.

Yully Teo
In-App Content Strategy
Yully joins our team in Singapore to collaborate with our creator community to fill our app with great content.

Pawel Kaczorowski
Senior UX/UI Designer
Pawel joins our tech team in Berlin to add polish to our interface and thoughtful depth to our user experience.

Zoel Zeng
Crypto Community
Zoel joins our team in Singapore to help us scale our crypto community and partner with other promising pioneers in Web3.

Aleksandra Krzywonos
Quality Assurance Manager
Aleksandra joins our tech team in Berlin to cross-device test and ensure the quality of our platform.

Tan Yi Sin
Events & Partnerships
Yi Sin joins our team in Singapore to coordinate the many moving parts of our exclusive creator community events.

Kelvin Lee
Live Ops Data Analyst
Kelvin joins our Live Ops team in Singapore to analyze platform data to ensure our users see the best content.


And last but not least, we have launched our test alpha platform release. Help us test our competition layer – If you’d like to get involved or help us run challenges on REPUBLIK, just email us and let us know.

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