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What’s New with REPUBLIK (May 2022)

Dear Founding Community,

Thank you once again for being a part of RepubliK, your involvement is critical to our success and we are super excited to have all of you on board. We have lots to share in this update, from the sell-out success of our Creator Only Token Offering, to new partnerships and progress with the initial phase of our platform.

We also hope to get each of you involved in testing our contest module – we will be reaching out individually in the weeks ahead to let you know how. But first, we would like to give you first dibs at reserving your username on RepubliK – so if you haven’t already done so, please take a moment to register on our web app and stake a claim on this exciting new frontier.

Reserve your username by clicking the button above or by visiting to sign up, create your account and sign into the web app.


In line with our ethos of empowering creators across the globe, we’ve reversed the typical narrative by giving Creators the unique opportunity to hold a stake in REPUBLIK and share in our success at the lowest possible price, before institutional rounds.

Our Creator Only Token Offering completely sold out of its allocation of 60 Million RPK tokens. We’re proud to be closing our COTO round of REPUBLIK on May 20th with a strong foundation of over 500 content Creators from all around the world with a collective reach of over 50 million!!

For all who’ve participated, we’ll be reaching out to let you know how you can get your content on REPUBLIK before we launch.


We’re excited to announce partnerships with FBG Capital and Enjin. Enjin created the ERC-1155 digital token standard which has become the official Ethereum token standard. It’s been used in countless world class NFT projects including Bored Ape Yacht Club, Adidas Originals, and more.


Check out our website at REPUBLIK.GG – it’s got a whole new look and feel! Learn about the powerful features we’re building into a single platform that collectively hold the power to supercharge the content Creator economy.


Over the past month we’ve hosted over 100 of Singapore’s top Creators: dancers, lifestyle & travel, crypto, actors, singers, musicians, models, comedians, and more! Good food, great vibes and the most talented content Creators in the country… What more could you ask for?

Andie Chen
Andie brings nearly 30 years experience in media as a producer & an accomplished actor. He is the founder of Freedom Nation and runs leagues for play-to-earn crypto games. He has valuable experience building crypto communities.

Symone Oei
Creator Partnerships
Symone joins the team in Singapore as an accomplished Creator herself, with a vast Creator network and deep experience forming Creator partnerships.


Just email us and let us know! Look out for our Beta release, launching near the end of June.

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